Product and Services

  • Natural Crumb and SSR Rubber.
  • Agro Industrial Products.
  • General Chemicals and Processing Oils.
  • Supporting Logistic activities

Natural Rubber

Our foremost products are derived from natural rubber. The most widespread form of natural rubber exists in the sheet form. We provide international recognized Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) of grades 1, 2, and 3, which is widely use in the manufacture of auto- tires.


General Checimals and Processing Oils

We provide an array of hydrocarbon-based derivatives chemicals (from Pertamina) that are mainly used as processing additives and product additives in rubber processing and tire industries, including:

Proccessing Additives
•Paraffinic 60.
•Stearic Acid•Plasticizers (Phthalic Acid)•Curing Agent (ZnO & S)


Product Additives
•Titanium Dioxide
•Carbon Black
•Specialty mineral, extender, etc

Reliable Logistics

Our logistics department employ a fully-computerized system to handle the complex process of our clients’ needs for logistics. Our superior algorithms enhanced by the persistent command of our fleet ensure fast, timely and safe cargo delivery, while maintaining cost effectiveness.